How much does it cost to file a patent

It only costs R19,950 (exclusive of vat) to file a provisional patent in South Africa through a patent attorney. An alternative is to file your own provisional patent application online for only $199.

In 12 months time, you can file a PCT / international patent application at a cost of only approx. R45,000.

Following the PCT search report in 16 months time, you may wish to amend the PCT patent, which typically costs between R9,000 and R12,000 (excl. vat).

At 30 months, you need to select the countries in which you require patent protection. The “rule of thumb” is that to file a patent (“national phase patent“) in most countries costs between R25,000 and R45,000. However, to file a South African national phase patent costs only R11,950 (excl. vat).

Most foreign countries (but not South Africa) examine patent applications. And, depending on how much you argue with the examiner, prosecuting each foreign national phase patent to grant can cost between one and three times the original filing cost over the following 1 to 3 years – this is why a good search at the beginning of the process is invaluable.

Thereafter, annual maintenance fees are payable to maintain the patents in force. South African annuities are approx. R650 pa, and the average annuity for other countries is R2,500.

We specialise in low-cost patent strategies. And, our pricing is fixed, so you can budget effectively.

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