Hotdog Patent – Troughed Roll

Edward Mandelbaum really wanted to patent his Hotdog Roll, but struggled to come up with something “new”. Most Hotdog Rolls were simply cut; others were bored (and not so popular); and some were bored and slotted. What on earth could he change while continuing to provide customers what they were accustomed to?

The cut roll had to stay. However, a cut is so narrow, requiring the roll to be splayed open to receive the sausage. Then, when you squeeze the roll, it causes the sauce to squirt out at both ends. Not good. Solution: widen the cut. Call it a trough. Troughs are new! So, he patented:

“a roll with a longitudinal trough that extends along its length, the trough being adapted to receive a sausage and the roll being sufficiently flexible to permit spreading to receive the sausage.”

Nearly 100 years later, you can still buy “The (Debatably) Original” Snuggles rolls. Say what you like, this little invention withstood the test of time.


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