Free template confidentiality agreements

Our free template confidentiality agreements have been upgraded.

To conclude a non-disclosure agreement, you now need only to:

  • select one of our 10 template NDAs;
  • complete the NDA online;
  • print; and
  • sign it!

Alternatively, customise your free NDA using Iptica’s SuperNDA

For inventors who wish to engage an engineer or designer to evaluate and/or develop their product further, we have developed a new informal confidentiality and assignment letter.

Alternatively, to create your own tailored confidentiality agreement use our Confidentiality Term Sheet.

Tips regarding confidentiality agreements:

  • NDAs only protect information that is secret. If your information is publicly available, the NDA will likely not be enforceable.
  • Do not disclose your confidential information in the NDA title / definition of “confidential information”.
  • Ensure that the person signing the NDA has capacity to sign. For example, typically only directors are empowered to sign on behalf of a company.
  • If the recipient of the information may further develop your product / software, ensure that the recipient assigns resultant intellectual property to you.
  • If the recipient further develops your software, ensure the developer delivers a copy of the software source code to you.
  • Consider adding a restraint to the NDA, restraining the recipient from performing defined activities (e.g. making or offering similar products / services) within a defined territory for a defined period.
  • Consider getting a Patent Pending Number before disclosing the information, and referring to your Patent Pending Number in the NDA. By adding a Patent Pending Number, your potential patent rights will remain unaffected by a breach of the NDA by the recipient. Furthermore, should the recipient use the confidential information in breach of his obligations of confidentiality, the recipient will be exposed to: a claim based on breach of the NDA; and a potential patent infringement claim.

Most of these additional clauses can be added to the Iptica SuperNDA. You can also get a Patent Pending Number when customising your SuperNDA.

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