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There is no such thing as a “Free Patent” – that’s one of the patent fallacies. The closest you will get to a Free Patent is to file a provisional patent online. This is available to most people, irrespective where you live – UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa …

Online Patent Filing System

The GlobalIPCo provisional patent filing system is quick and easy to use and files provisional patents for only $199. This is all you need to pay for the next 12 months. If in 12 months’ time, you wish to continue with the patent, you will need to file complete patents in countries you require patent rights.

For only $199, the GlobalIPCo system:

  • provides a simple patent application form
  • prepares official patent forms for signature;
  • takes payment by credit card;
  • files the provisional patent application with the South African Patent Office; and
  • pays the official patent filing fee (which is included in the $199 fee).

GlobalIPCo Free Patent

The GlobalIPCo patent filing gives you a Patent Pending Number, which you may stamp on your product and marketing material worldwide for 12 months.

Free Patent Template

To write the patent document, try our free Patent Patent Template. The free Patent Template is easy to use, guiding you in “fully explaining” your invention.

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Free Confidentiality Undertakings

If you don’t have $199 to file a provisional patent, you can still protect your idea by ensuring that all disclosures are made under confidentiality undertakings. We suggest that you use one of our series of Free Confidentiality Undertakings.

Free Patent Search

Before you spend any money filing a patent application, first conduct an international online patent search to confirm that your invention is “new”. You can conduct your own patent search for free – all it costs is your time.

Alternative Protection

Copyright protection is free, but will likely not protect your invention – copyright only protects your work from being “copied”; it does not prevent it from being “redeveloped”.

Trademarks, which can also be filed online, protect your “brand”; and online Design registrations protect the new “shape” of your product.

Latest Specials
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  • Save up to 70% on renewal fees

    Save up to 70% on patent renewal fees / annuities by paying them online

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  • File provisional patent

    Only $199

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  • Patent Pending Number

    Only $199

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  • Online SA trademark filing

    Only $199

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  • Online SA design filing

    Only $299

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  • Register a Trademark in South Africa

    R4,090 + vat

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  • EU Design Registration

    Only $625

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