Convention design application in South Africa

South African convention design applications can now be filed online for only $299. GlobalIPCo’s online South African Design Filing system provides for:

  • filing of both Aesthetic designs and Functional designs;
  • disclaimer of portions shown in the drawings in broken lines;
  • a priority claim / a “release date” (within the last 6 months);
  • selection of class(es);
  • upload of either photos or drawings; and
  • e-signature of forms and a power of attorney.

The process is so simple – a South African design application can be filed within 5 minutes using only a cellphone.

South African design types

If you are unsure whether to file an Aesthetic design (that protects shape of features, where the shape arose from aesthetic considerations) or a Functional design (that protects the shape of features, where the shape is dictated by the function the feature is to perform), file both. About 80% of South African designs are filed as both Aesthetic and Functional designs.

GlobalIPCo’s South African patent attorneys

All GlobalIPCo South African convention design applications are filed by us (Sibanda & Zantwijk Patent Attorneys) – GlobalIPCo’s exclusive agents for South African patents, trademarks and designs. Should you require any assistance, or are unsure about anything, contact us directly and speak to one of our patent or trademark attorneys.

Prosecution of designs to grant

Access your online Dashboard to manage prosecution of your design application to grant. The Dashboard details all the steps to grant and provides estimated due dates for each step. All instructions and payments are also effected via the Dashboard (or by clicking links in reporting emails). Within 12 months, you should be the proprietor of a granted South African design.

Design term and annuities

South African designs last for:

  • 10 years, in respect of functional designs; and
  • 15 years, in respect of aesthetic designs,

with annual renewal fees in the region of US$60 payable from the third year. All GlobalIPCo’s South African design renewals are managed by PayAnnuity – the most affordable online renewal system for South African patents, designs and trademarks.

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