Jerusalema Challenge – Copyright infringement warning

It’s so tempting to join something viral; learn a new dance; film your company busting some moves in the parking lot; and post it on Facebook. Coerced “Fun” was had by many to the tune of Master KG’s Jerusalema. Police force joined in, Hospital nurses took some downtime from their COVID patients; even nuns gave it a go. And, while the fad went global, Warner Music sat back and watched, taking note of all the companies that proudly posted their contribution to the Jerusalema Challenge.

Then, as it started to dawn on people that their moves were short of scratch, Warner Music did the unthinkable – suing companies that posted with unlicensed music.

The penalty for copyright infringement is significant. And, deleting posts will likely not help – Warner had months gleefully to collect all the evidence they need. If they needed more, they would simply have delayed taking action. The only irony here is that some of the postings were made by Patent Law Firms. Now, that’s worth a smile.

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